“A Well-Tied tie is the First serious step in life” – Oscar Wilde

Series No. 2

Half Windsor

Step 1:

Cross the wide end over the thin end

Step 2:

Bring the wide end around behind thin end

Step 3:

Then bring the wide end up above the neck hole created in step 2

Step 4:

Now loop the wide end through the neck hole

Step 5:

Wrap the wide end around thin end

Step 6:

Bring the Wide end up and through the neck hole

Step 7:

Now finish the knot by bringing the wide end down through the hole created in steps 6 and 7

Step 8:

Tighten knot

Extra tips:

The tip of the tie should touch your belt, and you should leave a dimple right under the knot for a bit of intended imperfection.

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I’m from Miami,Fl. Graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Entrepreneurship. in 2006 while attending college I started a screen printing business called LiveLife Company. Since then I have managed, designed, and produced several independent clothing lines. I hope to share some of my acquired knowledge and industry insight to help you grow and inspire your personal style.

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