John Oliver Suits | Season 2 “Last Week Tonight”

John Oliver Suits from Season 2 of “Last Week Tonight

“Last Week Tonight” Season 2_Episode 1

John Oliver suits-Last Week Tonight-s02-e01-medium grey suit-blue shirt-dark teal tie

Medium Grey Suit. Major Pattern Blue Shirt. minor pattern dark teal Tie

Pattern Matching Formula: S/M/m

“Last Week Tonight” Season 2_Episode 2

John Oliver-Last Week Tonight-s02-e02-charcoal suit-light blue shirt-navy striped tie

Charcoal Suit. Light blue shirt. Major patttern navy striped tie

“Last Week Tonight” Season 2_Episode 3

John Oliver Suits--s02-e03-navy suit-light blue check shirt- light blue tie

Navy suit. minor pattern light blue shirt. Light blue tie

“Last Week Tonight” Season 2_Episode 4

John Oliver-Last Week Tonight-s02-e04-black suit-light blue grid shirt-black tie

Black Suit. minor pattern light blue shirt. Major pattern black dot tie

Pattern matching: S/m/M

“Last Week Tonight” Season 2_Episode 5

John Oliver-Last Week Tonight-s02-e05-charcoal suit-blue shirt-dark teal tie

Navy Suit. Blue Shirt. Major Pattern dark teal tie

 “Last Week Tonight” Season 2_Episode 6

John Oliver-Last Week Tonight-s02-e06-light grey suit-light grey shirt-black tie

Light Grey Suit. Light grey shirt. minor pattern black tie.

“Last Week Tonight” Season 2_Episode 7

John Oliver suits-Black suit-Pink check shirt-Black tie-Last Week Tonight--s02-e07

Black suit. Pink Major check pattern shirt. minor pattern tie.

Pattern Matching: S/M/m


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