Some say your can’t layer patterns, but what that really means is they can’t layer patterns. Like Will Smith told his son in that movie,  when people can’t do something they like to say it’s impossible. I’ll teach you an easy trick to layer patterns like a pro.

For this patterning matching formula we have to classify patterns as either Major or minor.

(M)Major Patterns: Patterns that can be seen clearly further than 5 feet away.

(m)minor Patterns: Patterns that can be seen clearly closer than 5 feet away.

When matching patterns you should alternate (M) Major and (m) minor patterns for each layer.(S)Solid colors can be used in between patterns as well.  Suit/Shirt/Tie

Pattern MatchingSNL: Weekend Update/ Colin Jost    

Colin’s outfit is S/m/M . (S)Solid suit/(m)minor patterned shirt/(M)Major Patterned Tie. This formula can be applied many ways.

Here are a few more examples of good pattern matching.

John Oliver Suit S/M/m: Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver S01_E16  More John Oliver!

S1_E23S/M/m: Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver S01_E23 More John Oliver!

Pattern matchingm/M/m

m/S/m m/S/m


Pattern Matching M/m/M

Now that you know the pattern matching formula, Check out a couple examples of outfits that don’t follow the formula.

poor pattern matchingM/M


pattern clashing M/M






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