Well Tied is a Modern Gentlemen’s fashion brand from Miami,Fl. We make a line of hand printed designer ties and accessories.  Well tied brings a fresh look to gentlemen’s fashion. We created a line to help eases the transition from t-shirts to ties, breathing some life into your 9-5 attire.

While working at Nordstrom Justin, the creator of Well Tied, was quickly bored of wearing dots or stripes. The   transition from graphic tees to blank button downs and store bought ties was drastic. The t-shirts we wear give the everyone we meet a hint to our character, attracting like minds. That touch of character is missing in gentlemen’s fashion. Well Tied wants to change that, our feature line includes original patterns created by designers and Illustrators from LiveLife Company. An independent clothing label founded in 2006, LiveLife has years of experience designing, producing, and managing clothing lines.

Well Tied is resource for your style inspiration and  Gentlemen’s style blog a resource providing how-to-tie your tie tutorials, color matching tips, and other style advice to help keep you well-tied.


About The Author

I’m from Miami,Fl. Graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Entrepreneurship. in 2006 while attending college I started a screen printing business called LiveLife Company. Since then I have managed, designed, and produced several independent clothing lines. I hope to share some of my acquired knowledge and industry insight to help you grow and inspire your personal style.

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